yergalem berhe founder of 3iemwYirgalem Berhe

CEO and Founder

3i ELECTRO MECHANICAL WORKS PLC is established legally on 2010 as per the Ethiopian commercial codes in group of well experienced & multi professional Engineers in Ethiopia. The engineers are acquired both technical & managerial skills from the leader & famous company in Ethiopia Mesfin Industrial Engineering.

        Competitive advantage of 3i

    • The company is established through Experienced & recognized engineers both technically & Managerial as well as ethically built during their stay in MIE.
    • Owners are experienced in multi dimensional skills
    • Posses highly recognized young & Energetic work force ready for change.
    • Has a shared vision& inspired toward bringing difference in the development of industrialization in Ethiopia.
    • We have well organized supply chain & Strong relation with Overseas Manufacturers & Technologists that easily expedite to bridge the technology transfer.